Abadan Plane Crash

September 10, 1958

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The twin-engine amphibious Martin PBM-5A Mariner P-303 Naval Air for major maintenance on the way home from Biak to New Guinea to the Netherlands when it hits over Persia for the umpteenth time on this arduous journey into difficulties. There is a motor is inoperative, and an oil-leakage. The device makes an emergency landing on July 22, 1958 in Abadan, Iran.
After a week in Abadan rises repair the unit on September 10, 1958 for the next leg of the long journey. Shortly after the start recurs an oil leak in the port engine. The pilot returned to the airport, but shortly before the track becomes a wing to the ground. Mariner crashes and fly directly completely on fire. All 10 occupants killed.

1 thought on “Abadan Plane Crash

  1. My Dad used to say a story which was gruesome. He said he left the general office and minutes later an Airplane fell on its Restroom area and his friend who was in there got killed. He rushed back there when emergency team pulled the burned pilot out and he said his body was shrunk. I as a child had nightmares on this and now 50 years later I searched google and it was true. Also Dad said it was a bad time between Iran and England due to oil affairs and a British guy was screaming “ my God war started!”. He said because a battleship of British was nearby with its guns mounted toward Abadan and everybody, nerve was very shaky those days.


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