“Cofeyshe cafe” an example of attachment to Abadan, away from his city


ACM_ as we know, in the past years, with different reasons including war and drop of social conditions, many people of Abadan had to leave his city. But most of them in various forms has Maintaining their identity as the Abadani. This not only includes people who are elderly But also is true about young people who didn’t see the “Abadan golden age”.

a view of people in Cofeyshe cafe. Credit: Cofeyshe cafe photos at instagram
a view of people in Cofeyshe cafe.
Credit: Cofeyshe cafe photos at instagram

A good example in this regard is “Cofeyshe cafe” that was established by a Abadani in Tehran from 2012. He cleverly chosen “Cofeyshe” for its cafe [or coffee shop] name, because this name is related to the early years of establishment of Abadan Oil Refinery, When the were implemented the discriminatory policies from “Anglo-Persian Oil Company” In the case of non-Western workers. this discriminations were includes use of clubs, so Iranian workers in 1920’s with their own expense builds a small cafe in “Bahmanshir” neighborhood. They naming this cafe as “Cofeyshe”, there are different stories about what it means, But it is closer to reality that Cofeyshe It’s a combination of two abbreviation words in Abadani accent ; “Cofe” to mean Coffee and “Yshe” to mean “one shahi” that was coin money at the past time.

Cofeyshe cafe logo was designed like a South tea-pot
Cofeyshe cafe logo was designed like a South Teapot

Now, 90 years after Abadan workers efforts, once again “Cofeyshe cafe” was raised, this time in Tehran. a different cafe than their current counterparts in Iran, has facilities such as Library, Meetings of reading cultural articles, Holding national festivals [ including Yalda’s Night ] and finally a hearty welcome with kinds of drinks, desserts and unique foods, however to the extent that current law allows in Iran.

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