Happiest days: Loss of a much loved Abadani Margaret Habibi


The street in Abadan’s Braim / Photo by Hamid Arjomand 1978 / The Iranian

Margaret Habibi, a long time resident of Abadan, died on Tuesday, March 26. Nearly a year ago she wrote a letter to Shahrzad Irani, after seeing her article and photo essay on Abadan [Oh, sweet home]. When I saw her photograph in my email box last night, I recognized her immediately. I have no clear memories, only feelings — love, respect and sadness. My deepest sympathies to the Habibi family.--Jahanshah Javid


Dear Shahrzad,

This is just a short note to tell you how very much I enjoyed your recent article regarding your visit to Abadan.

I lived in Iran for many years, and spent the happiest days of my life in Abadan.

I’m sure that you do not remember me — but you may remember my children, Parviz, Parvaneh, and Dana Habibi.

The photographs of Braim brought back many happy memories, as No.304 Braim was our home, until we left Abadan when my husband retired from N.I.O.C. in 1978.

We lived in the sixties, and also Segoosh in the very early years, when you were living there. (I think at that time we were neighbours!)

Please tell me how are your parents — and where are they now? I knew them well….

I look forward to hearing from you.

With fond regards, Margaret Habibi


Originally published at Iranian.com

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