Abadan in southwest of Iran, was particular importance In recent a century. this tropical city due to having the world’s largest and most modern oil refinery, the presence of western citizens,modern urban planning and many other possibilities at a distance of 1912 to 1980 (means from the opening of the oil refinery up to the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war that led to was destruction of the infrastructure of the city) Abadan’s name always was among the most important cities in the world . on the importance of the city of Abadan in Iran It must be said that this town for the Iranian economy was a vital artery and unrivaled. This was the first Iranian modern city, with the many centers for entertainment, society and culture than to the city population. luxury House with a lush gardens, advanced academic centers & accredited schools and colleges that was one of them for example AIT(Abadan Institute of technology). have the one of the earliest radio station In the middle east, also one of The best equipped country airport in the 1960’s, there was the many stores in the past that was place of the sale of top products from around the world such as european countries and the US respectively, luxury Leisure clubs (For example Golestan, Naft, Annex, Boat club and many other…) all of this features when the presence of the western residents that was mixed with a pure culture of Iran and lead to civilization & modernity that was universal & unique.

Now although the major part of this civilization and modernity because of war, isolation and other reasons has been destroyed but the cultural part of these values If not officially but to form a strong currents on the thought of those who lived in Abadan, it’s available. whether it is people from Abadan or Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran! or the western residents, no different! because that once they has lived experience in Abadan, so we all are Abadanis!
When was city at its “golden age” there was an southern proverb that says: There are two categories of world’s people, a group of them are from Abadan! & the second group are those that wants to obtain the citizenship of Abadan!!

Now in conditions that Abadan is a forgotten city from world, it’s our duty that via different activities have a role to reviving it city. we hope that launch of this website about Abadan even as an small step be In the way of restoring the city again. It is necessary to thank all those who with generosity and kindness given to us their articles, photos & many more valuable things, we have the sincerely thanks to all friends around the world.


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