The “Abadan Society” Reunion

Abadan Reunion 2011 014

The “Abadan Society” originally was the theater group in Abadan, Iran. It now is an organization consisting of people that worked in the oil industry in Iran (primarily in Abadan, Ahwaz, M.I.S. or Teheran) for the Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Most of They members were on loan from U.S. or European oil companies; They membership is primarily made up people that worked in Iran from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. We also have several “second generation” members, i.e. members that were children while living in Iran. Our membership is open to all former oil company people, including related organizations such as the Abadan Institute of Technology (AIT).

They have over 300 members living around the world, split almost evenly between the UK/Rest of the World group and the USA/Canada group. They publish two newsletters a year, mostly news items about the members that belong to the Abadan Society and a roster list of members. We hold international reunions every 2 years. Recent reunions: 2007 in Toronto, 2009 in the City of York, Yorkshire England, 2011 in Boston and 2013 in Windsor, UK. The next reunion will be in 2015 in Las Vegas in late October.

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